Shakespeare once said ‘All the World’s a Stage’

Perhaps that was true in the 17th century but in today’s day and age, that stage has to be outstanding in order to create the impression you want. 

At Onsite Sounds, we have been involved in stage design for a variety of requirements including product launches, fashion shows, theatrical productions and many more.  

Our versatility is literally second to no other and we make it our personal priority to consistently deliver top-of-the line solutions to our clients.  

                        Create the Impact you Desire with Versatile Stage Design Solutions!                                                


               Custom Stages for Diverse Requirements


In this competitive world in which we operate, originality is prized above all else. That’s why we at Onsite Sounds focus on creating unique solutions for each client. We understand that when you work with a stage rental firm, you want them in and out quickly leaving you with a stage platform that perfectly suits your requirements. 

Our portable staging options are considered the best in the business requiring minimal support, set up time and reliable durability for the stage risers. We can tailor the end product to suit any event you are hosting whether you need riser rental services for a corporate business presentation or a more elaborate and trendy fashion show runway rental.


    Control your Investment with our Easy Stage Rental Plans


Making an event grab the attention of an increasingly cynical audience is not easy. To do so on a budget is even tougher. 
At Onsite Sounds, we recognize this constraint and that’s why we can provide anything you require on a rental basis. Our solutions include building a simple stage riser, constructing a complex truss to support your backdrop, different kinds of deck rentals be it Plexi deck rentals or grated deck rentals as well as spot tower rentals for complex lighting solutions. 

For long-term events, we offer extended lease plans for items like touring risers, designed for easy incorporation into any venue. We offer all these at unbeatable prices making us your number one option for any stage design effort.


                                                          Please view our Staging Gallery below                                                    


Time Square StagingTime Square Staging


Celebrate Brooklyn Stage NYCCelebrate Brooklyn Stage NYC

7 World Trade Center Staging7 World Trade Center Staging

CW Post Graduation - Staging Lighting AudioCW Post Graduation - Staging Lighting Audio Battery Park Concert Series - Audio & Portable Staging, Truss systemBattery Park Concert Series - Audio & Portable Staging, Truss system Mc Carren Pool NYC - StagingMc Carren Pool NYC - Staging Afro Punk Festival - Commodore Barry ParkAfro Punk Festival - Commodore Barry Park