We offer professional audio systems that can accommodate any size event or venue
 At OnSiteSounds, we are equipped to handle venues such as: outdoor festivals, convention centers, museums, hotels, clubs, and casinos.
We have everything you need from Line Arrays, Front of House & Monitor systems, Digital Consoles, Wireless systems, In-ear systems and more.

Our audio systems feature components from premiere manufacturers such as: EAW, Clair Brothers, Yamaha, Midas, Crest, Crown, Shure and Sennheiser.
We will provide technical support upon your request.

     Make your Event a Success with State of the Art Sound Systems, Suitable for Any Event!                


Depending upon application, we have several versions of EV QRX speaker cabinets. They have been used for both indoor and outdoor events, powered by racks of QSC amplifiers with EV DX38 Digital signal processors. 

We've acquired over thirty QRX floor wedges, which serve a dual use as both floor monitor and main speaker. 

Both speaker systems are powerful enough for full range rock and roll shows, yet also "enough for demanding production designers" of gala or corporate events. 

We are also one of the few companies that have "WHITE SPEAKERS" in our inventory suitable for Corporate and Tent Events! 

                                                                  Main Sound Systems Include:                                                               


 ✓   12 x EV XLC 127+ line array speakers
 ✓   16 x EV MTL1X Dual 18" 2,000 watt subwoofers
 ✓   QSC 4 way amp racks
 ✓   Electro-Voice DX38 digital signal processors


 ✓   8 x EV QRX122 speakers (Dual 12" and 2")
 ✓   8 x EV MTL1X Dual 18" 2,000 watt subwoofers
 ✓   Crest CA 3 way amp racks
 ✓   Electro-Voice DX38 digital signal processors

✓   4 x EV FRX 640 speakers (Horn loaded 15" and 2")


                                                         Please view our Sound Gallery below