Lighting is often integral to the success of a stage event

Underestimating its importance in the overall success of a show can be a dangerous mistake, one that can be easily avoided with the superior lighting systems offered by Onsite Sounds.

Creative and knowledgeable lighting design is a valuable asset that Onsite Sounds provides its customers.

As the most reputed lighting design team in New York
, we have been providing lighting design solutions for clients all over NY for a number of years and believe in a strong mutually beneficial partnership for a truly memorable event. 

                   Transform your Event with the Most Reputed Lighting Design Team in NY!                                      


  Latest Intelligent Lighting Technology to Create a Successful Event

Some clients come to us knowing exactly what lighting rental support they need, while others have just an idea of the impression they want to create. For all our clients, we believe in offering comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

New and exciting trends in event lighting are constantly emerging and as experts in the field, we at Onsite Sounds can help you achieve your desired impact using the latest technology and best deals.

We don’t see ourselves as just a lighting rental agency hired to deliver and set up equipment. No, we are your partners and we measure our success by the success of your event.


  Create the Right Mood Through Superior Lighting       Systems

Your lighting choice can determine the entire mood of your event. Crowds at concerts go wild not just because of the performances but also because the concert lighting systems perfectly complement the mood of the hour.  The same holds true for any kind of performance lighting. A stunning dance performance can appear completely dry if the right dance lighting technique is not utilized.

At Onsite Sounds, we have the expertise to deliver the perfect mood for your event by tweaking and administering the lighting technology. Our experience ranges from different types of theme lighting, dance lighting, trade shows, corporate events and special events making us the very best choice for any lighting related requirement.


                                                     Please view our Lighting Gallery below